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Keywords:Quad Tire , ATV Tire , UTV Tire
Origin:Made In Taiwan

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Business Nature:Trading Company
Contact:JOSE CHANGManaging Director
Last Online:16 Jul, 2018
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Product Description

APEXWAY is able to supply full range Tire for all-terrain vehicles. 

- Application: ATV, ATC, Quad, UTV, Beach Buggy. 

- ATV Tire Size: 

6 inch 145/70-6 13x5-6 15x6-6      
7 inch 16x6.5-7 16x7-7 16x8-7 18x7-7 18x7R7 19x8R7
8 inch 16x6-8 18x7-8 18x8-8 18x9-8 18x9.5-8 18x10R8
  18x11-8 19x7-8 19x7R8 19x8-8 19x9.5-8 20x7-8
  20x7R8 20x8-8 20x9.5-8 20x10-8 20x11-8 21x7-8
  21x10-8 21x11-8 21x12-8 22x10-8 22x11-8 22x12-8
  22x12.5-8 22.5x10-8        
9 inch 19x9.5-9 19x10-9 20x9.5-9 20x10-9 20x10R9 20x11-9
  20x11R9 21x8-9 21x12-9 22x10-9 22x11-9 22x12.5-9
  25x11-9 25x12-9 25x13-9 25x13.5-9    
10 inch 18x10-10 19x6-10 19x6.5-10 20x7-10 20x7R10 20x10-10
  20x11-10 21x7-10 21x7R10 21x10-10 21x12-10 22x7-10
  22x7R10 22x8-10 22x8R10 22x9-10 22x9.5-10 22x10-10
  22x11-10 22x12.5-10 23x7-10 23x7R10 23x11-10 24x11-10
  24x12-10 25x10-10 25x11-10 25x11R10 25x12-10 26x12-10
11 inch 22x7-11 23x8-11 23.5x8-11 24x8-11 24x9-11 24x10-11
  24x10R11 25x8-11 25x9-11 25x10-11    
12 inch 20x8-12 200/50-12 20x10-12 250/40-12 21x8-12 22x11-12
  23x8-12 23x10-12 24x8-12 24x8R12 24x9-12 24x10-12
  24x11-12 25x8-12 25x8R12 25x9-12 25x10-12 25x10R12
  25x11-12 25x11R12 26x8-12 26x8R12 26x9-12 26x9R12
  26x10-12 26x10R12 26x11-12 26x11R12 26x12-12 26x12R12
  27x9-12 27x9R12 27x10-12 27x11-12 27x11R12 27x12-12
  28x10-12 28x12-12        
14 inch 20x6-14 23x10-14 23x10.5-14 26x8-14 26x8R14 26x9-14
  26x9R14 26x10-14 26x10R14 26x11-14 26x11R14 26x12R14
  27x9-14 27x9R14 27x10-14 27x11-14 27x11R14 27x12-14
  28x9R14 28x9.5R14 28x10-14 28x10R14 28x11R14 28x13-14
  29x9-14 29x9R14 29x11-14 29x11R14 30x9.5R14 30x10-14
  30x10R14 30x11-14 30x14-14 32x10-14    
15 inch 22x7-15 28x10R15 29x10R15 30x9.5R15 30x10R15 32x10R15
16 inch 30x9.5R16          
18 inch 36x10R18          



- Function: Utility, Side by Side, Sport, Mud, Sand, On Road
- Tire Structure: Bias tires and Radial tires
- Full range of Sizes and Patterns
- Service: Tire and wheel set 

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